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Jennifer Cattonar - Owner

Jennifer Cattonar, the spirited owner and head trainer at Off Leash K9 Training, Jersey Shore. A true New Jersey native, Jennifer’s life story is deeply intertwined with her beloved hometown, her family, and her unwavering passion for K9 training.

Jennifer’s essence is a blend of family devotion, animal love, and a zest for life. As a loving wife and mother of two wonderful children, her home is a sanctuary for her family, three dogs, a cat, and a turtle, each cherished equally. Fulfilling her childhood dream, Jennifer rejoined the workforce with a bang, becoming a K9 trainer at OLK9, and has since flourished in her chosen path.

Her professional journey is marked by a commitment to lifelong learning. Jennifer’s frequent attendance at K9 training seminars across the nation exemplifies her dedication to bringing the most advanced training methods to her team. She firmly believes that every K9 is trainable, and each one deserves a fair chance.

Managing the Jersey Shore location, Jennifer excels in tackling diverse K9 behavioral challenges. While her professional prowess lies in her work, her heart finds joy in puppy board and train programs, where she forms lasting bonds from a tender age.

Outside of training, Jennifer’s life is full of energy and spontaneity. She revels in the warmth of summer days, often found relaxing by the water or cruising on a boat, soaking in the sun. Family adventures are her forte, with quad rides and spontaneous trips adding excitement to her life. Jennifer is always on the move, embodying a spirit that never rests. Her love for shopping, and a penchant for all things pink, glittery, and sparkly, add a unique flair to her vibrant personality.

Jennifer Cattonar is more than a K9 trainer; she’s a whirlwind of energy, adventure, and compassion, making a significant impact on the lives of K9s and their owners while living her life to the fullest.

Valerie - Trainer

As a native to New Jersey, Val was born and raised in Howell. From a young age she always had a passion and love for all animals, especially dogs! She made it her goal in life to find a fulfilling career working with them. She received her state animal control control certification in 2018 and volunteered with her local animal shelter in Toms River. 
Val went on to receive her training certification in 2021, and has found her passion training dogs! She loves building relationships with both the dogs she trains, and their owners. She also enjoys helping dogs overcome behaviors such as aggression, fear, reactivity and especially anxiety to encourage them to become healthy and happy. 

Jason - Trainer

Meet Jason, a dynamic K9 trainer whose personal and professional journey is both inspiring and unique. Several years ago, Jason took a significant leap, transitioning from a longstanding career in construction to follow his heart as a K9 handler. This life-altering decision was fueled by his deep passion for dogs, especially rescues and aggressive breeds, which often require the most patience and understanding.

At our training facility, Jason has earned a reputation for his expertise in behavior modification, particularly with aggressive breed dogs. His ability to connect with and transform ‘tough pups’ is where his talent truly shines. With a blend of compassion and skill, he ensures that every dog, no matter their breed or size, receives the highest level of care and attention.

Jason’s love for life extends well beyond his professional role. An adventure and adrenaline aficionado, he delights in the thrills of riding quads and dirt bikes, immersing himself in the joys of speed and the great outdoors. Yet, when he’s not navigating the challenges of K9 training or indulging in his high-energy hobbies, Jason is devoted to his family. Married with two children, he cherishes time spent with them, whether it’s enjoying water activities like tubing and boogie boarding or relaxing during family camping trips in nature.

Jason’s life is an extraordinary balance of his passion for K9 training, his adventurous spirit, and his deep commitment to his family. His story is a testament to his exceptional skills in K9 training and his dedication to a life filled with enthusiasm, adventure, and the warmth of family moments.

Trainer Jason

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Dog Trainers that Are Recognized Around The World!

Nick White, Founder Off Leash K9 Training
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Nick White is the Owner and Founder of Off Leash K9 Training.  Nick is a former US Marine and former US Secret Service. He currently has over 130+ dog training locations throughout the United States.

Nick is globally recognized as being one of the top dog trainers in the world.  He has 2 official world records in off leash obedience, named on Wikipedia as one of the top 20 dog trainers in the world, recently named top 10 trainer in the world by bestdogtrainers.org, has been featured in many magazines and shows, and he is regularly requested by the top celebrities and athletes! He has been called upon by people such as actor Ryan Reynolds, WWE’s John Cena, MLB All Star Max Scherzer, UFC World Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, and many more!

You can visit our YouTube Channel and watch over 1500+ before/after videos of Nick and his team’s work!  Off Leash K9 Training has more documented videos than any dog training business in the entire world!